About Me

Ali-Reza  Moussavizadeh

PG.Dip. Pol.Sci., M.Phil., Ph.D. Int’l Politics (Wales), U.K.
University Professor, and Author.
Contemporary British Diplomatic, and
Imperial Historian, and Specialist on British
Affairs, Politics & Foreign Policy


Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh is a Contemporary British Diplomatic, and Imperial Historian. He graduated from the University of Wales (Swansea) in 1994, with a Ph.D. in International Politics. He obtained his M.Phil., in International Politics at the University of Wales (Aberystwyth) in 1989. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science, which was received from the University of Wales (Aberystwyth) in 1985. Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh earned his B.A., in International Relations from Schiller International University (London Campus) in 1983. Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh completed his high school education, since the age of fifteen in England. He was born in 1958 in Teheran.

Areas of Scholarship, writing

Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh’s work focuses on the British imperial political elite establishment, and official British policy on the British Empire, and decolonisation. In post WWII, in the context of “Churchillian” foreign policy, as envisaged in the new world order, since 1945, onwards.

Specialised fields

Theory of elite, and power, and elite theories. British elite, and British political elite. British imperial, and diplomatic history. British foreign policy. British oil diplomatic history on A.I.O.C.

Research interests

The nature of the elite. The establishment, and its power, and interests. Political elite, and its link with the establishment. British “establishment” elite. Power, and interests of the British elite. British imperial expansion, and Pax Britannica. Decolonisation. The Dominions, and the Commonwealth. Pax Britannica v. Pax Americana. British post WWII co-operation with Europe. British post WWII defence strategy. British bi-partisan nuclear relationship with the United States. British governing parties political elite ideological adjustment, and approaches to protecting British power, and interests in post-imperial, and decolonisation period. British political elite strategies towards the Middle East, and essentially the Persian Gulf, following the A.I.O.C. crisis.

As a diplomatic, and imperial historian author

Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh has many years of extensive research experience at the British national archive (Public Record Office) London, and the University of Birmingham on Sir Anthony Eden’s Personal, and Political Private Correspondence (Avon Papers) on contemporary British, colonial, diplomatic, and imperial issues. Particularly during the decolonisation of the British Empire, after the Second World War. Furthermore on A.I.O.C., the Persian Gulf, and Suez. He has written ample, and substantially on contemporary British diplomatic history, British political elite, British imperial “establishment.” British imperial power, interests, and defence. British imperial, and colonial expansion in the rising context of her rivals, mainly, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, and the United States. American Anti-colonialism, and the decolonisation of the British Empire. Effects of the two World Wars on the British imperial power, and interests. British defence strategy. British bi-partisan policies towards the colonial, and decolonisation issues. British political elite ideological adjustments to maintaining British power, and interests in the decolonisation of the British Empire, between 1945, and 1963. A.I.O.C. crisis. The aftermath of the A.I.O.C. crisis, and British strategy towards the Persian Gulf. The evolution, and forming of the British Commonwealth, and later, the Modern Commonwealth. British co-operation with Europe, after the Second World War onwards. The origin of the Anglo-American “special diplomatic, political, and nuclear relationship”. “Churchillian” defence, and economic British foreign policy, since 1945.

Academic influence

The leading scholarly influence on Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh came from his parents, principally his father, Houssein Moussavizadeh, whom was an eminent, British, and French educated international businessman, and by training a lawyer, with an excellent knowledge, and understanding of international politics. Which encouraged, Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh’s passion, and curiosity for understanding politics, and more to the point international politics, since childhood, to develop. This however paved the way for a formal pursuit of such an inquisitiveness, from the early ages, to take place in the United Kingdom, at school, and then on to the university. During his time, when specialising, a number of prominent, and leading distinguished academicians in British politics, and history, contemporary British diplomacy, and international politics, were involved in Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh’s progression. His Ph.D. supervisor, Professor D. George Boyce, Professor of British, and Irish politics, and history, University of Wales, https.//en.wikipedia.org. Professor Wilfrid F. Knapp, Professor of British imperial history, University of Oxford, https:/www.britannica, Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh’s Ph.D. external examiner. Professor Muriel E. Chamberlain, Professor of British imperial history, European colonisation, and de-colonisation, and British foreign policy, University of Wales https//en.wikipedia.org, Ali-Reza Moussavizadeh’s Ph.D. internal examiner.

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